GoEdit - Manage you Attachments in Wiki Directly

With GoEdit you can edit any attachment in your Wiki using your your desktop application.                               After editing and saving the attachment file in you desktop application, modified file will be uploaded                     to the wiki automatically. 

All Applications, All Browsers, All Operating Systems

GoEdit functions with any application on your desktop machine, supports all major                                web-browsers and operating systems (Windows, Mac OS X and Linux). 

Save Time, Store Centrally

When you start using GoEdit, you can store the files attached to your wiki pages only in your wiki. By means of this functionality, you will avoid multiple copies of the same file in different locations and you will make sure that your colleagues can access always the latest version. This simplifies your workflows and increases the acceptance of your wiki. 

When you start using GoEdit, instead of conventional attachment editing in wikis, download, edit and upload, you can start editing the file with a few clicks. So you can save time and produce more.

Wiki as File Server 

Each time a file is saved in the wiki, a complete version history is also recorded, meaning every new version of each file is saved individually. All versions of a file can be viewed or restored, so that data is never lost in the process. In addition to that, every document that is edited is locked by the Confluence plugin "Arsenale Lockpoint", which prevents two or more users from editing the same document at the same time. And above all, GoEdit for Confluence integrates all rights and permissions of the wiki without any difficulties.

For more information, please visit GoEdit official website.